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Welcome to the Penn Hills High School Message Forum.

The message forum is an ongoing dialogue among classmates. Feel free to post a message to all classmates, questions, comments, requests, suggestions, responses, etc.

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08/24/15 07:50 AM #107    


Gerald Selzer

I missed the 50th. I was in the old stomping grounds just last week. I'd come for 55 and vote for casual.

08/24/15 11:06 AM #108    


Daniel Ryder

Informal dinner dance. The 50th was outstanding. Less speeches and just continue with more time with our friends.

08/24/15 11:32 AM #109    


Margaret Bender (Bryan)

Dinner dance sounds great. I had to miss our 50th. It would be nice to make this one.

08/24/15 11:52 AM #110    


Brenda Nance (Caugherty)

A dinner dance on one of the Gateway Clipper boats would be nice.  Keep it simple.  

08/25/15 10:56 AM #111    


Charles Donabedian

Hi Everyone,

I would Iove the chance to see you all again...I will attend whatever the format or location

Chuck Donabedian


08/25/15 02:23 PM #112    


John Boughter

David Dearing:  We did a similar trip thru South Africa five years ago, Johannesburg to Kruger to Durban to Cape Town.  A great trip and I'm sure you will also enjoy it, but I would trade the cycle for a safari vehicle in Kruger !! Good Luck !!

08/26/15 11:50 AM #113    


David Dearing

Thanks John! No motorcycles in Kruger!

Regarding number 55, I live in Southern California, but if the timing works would come to see old friends and classmates.

08/26/15 06:13 PM #114    

James Keister


Denise, A dinner dance. Get real. Who is going to push our wheelchairs around? Save a dance for me. Jim K.







08/30/15 07:14 PM #115    

William Laubscher

I went to a 55th reunion with my girl friend this weekend. They held an informal get together at a local bar/restaurant. There was no music, no dancing, and no speeches. I was a nice time to just talk and reminisce about old times. Although I knew no one there i still had a good time hearing some of the stories. There were nibblies paid for by the class and anyone could order drinks or a meal. We stayed about 2.5 hours and the place was still going. This would be a nice reunion for but we would need a bigger place!

09/03/15 12:06 PM #116    

Melanie Amoroso (Lucas)



Dear Classmates


We’ve read all the posts about a 55 year reunion.  However, a new reunion committee needs to be formed.  The following committee members of the last several reunions are retiring — Melanie, Roseanne, Elissa, Karen and Margi.


A balance of approx. $2000 has always been held in a bank account for future reunions.  This was to pay for deposits, printing, stamps, etc. before any money was received from classmates.  The account currently has $1967 and will be signed over to the new committee.


We appreciate your past support and hope you enjoyed our efforts. Good luck to the new committee.

09/05/15 08:26 PM #117    


John Prince

Put me down as thouroughly endorsing Bill Laubscher's and Ken Watson's suggestions to have this event be as causal as possible without speeches and dancing.  I'm not adverse to speechifying and boogying but I'd much rather take this opportunity to just catch up with everyone; especially since I couldn't make the 50th.  BTW, this is what is planned for my 50th college reunion (Grove City College) this month.  Low and slow!  I also think taking a tour of the new high school would be a hoot!

09/07/15 12:33 PM #118    

Samuel Adams

IF  the remaining committee needs help I would be willing help

09/07/15 01:32 PM #119    


Susan Simler

Thank you Melanie, Roseanne, Elissa, Karen and Margi for all the time you put into our previous reunions.

I'm sure we all realize how time-consuming, and, close to the reunion date how hectic it has been for you and your families.

This reunion, you will be able to kick back, relax and enjoy.

I will be glad to serve on the committee, whatever I can do from the Midwest.


09/07/15 03:36 PM #120    


Dennis Solomon

Hi Melanie....

I agree with Susan Simler.  Please accept and pass on to all those involved my added appreciation for the hard work over the years.  I hope to see everybody at the next reunion.  

Most sincerely,

Denny S

09/07/15 03:52 PM #121    


Mary Caranfa (Tranquillo)

 Many thanks to the 50th reunion committee:Melanie, Roseanne, Elissa, Karen and Margi. we appreciate all your hard work.


09/07/15 05:34 PM #122    


Denise Erdman (Cole)

Thank you Roseanne, Melanie, Elissa, Karen, and Margi for the wonderful planning of our 50th reunion. We all had a great time and hopefully you can relax and enjoy our 55th. If there is a committee forming for our 55th, I would be willing to help from a distance.

 Denise Erdman Cole


09/11/15 09:48 AM #123    


Denis Marney

I'm also on board for a Dinner Dance 55 yr reunion---a very good idea.If you need help, give me a call

12/04/15 02:41 PM #124    


John Boughter

Our family and friends are sponsoring a second school project in Kenya, and we need your help.  Our goal is to raise $25,000 to build a new kindergarten and first grade building, and new living quarters for the teachers that live on-site.

We are now an official non-profit 501C3, so all of your donations are tax

deductible.  Won't you please consider giving the gift of education this Holiday Season. The need is great in rural Kenya and there is little help.  Please read the attached flyer for more information.  Call or write me if you have any questions.


Thank you,

John Boughter

Sopa Kenya, a 501C3 non-profit charity

4224 S. Rosemary

Sierra Vista, AZ  85650




12/12/15 02:54 PM #125    


John Boughter

We now have a website to support our next school project in Kenya.  Please donate to our cause, if you can !!

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  Thanks !!


03/04/16 06:32 PM #126    


John Boughter

We're still in need of donations for our next school project in Kenya.  Our project is a great place for some of your

income tax refund, and it's tax deductible !!   www.sopakenya.org     Thanks !!!

06/15/16 03:13 PM #127    


Nancy Eklund (Grush)

I would like to share a room at the Doubletree Hotel, for our upcoming reunion, on Fri. 9/30 AND Sat. 10/1, checking out Sunday morning. 

Nancy EKLUND [Grush]



09/19/16 02:33 PM #128    


Linda Forman (Blank)

Check out Linda Forman's photos from the Ninth Grade Miss Coleman's home room 111 party at Linda's house. 1958 The photos are in my profile.

11/23/16 11:53 AM #129    


John Boughter

Thanks to all who donated to our charity, Sopa Kenya.  We were able to complete our second project at Oloornganayio primary school in October. We built a new kindergarten classroom, three one-bedroom living units for the teachers, and new toilets.  More details at www.sopakenya.org

08/25/20 11:40 AM #130    


Nancy Eklund (Grush)

Terry Smith:  Michelle is to be highly commended for her stellar accomplishments.

01/05/21 03:22 PM #131    


Brenda Nance (Caugherty)

Our deepest sympathy to Margie and the McCafferty family.

We are incredibly grateful Ed McCafferty came into our lives.  Our son Ryan was a young soccer player in the late 80s.  While playing for a Penn Hills club team in a tournament, and with us sitting in the stands, a gentleman approached us and said he like the way Ryan played and would we be interested in having him join the Penn’s Forest cup team?  Of course, we said yes.

That encounter led to an incredible life journey for our son.  Ed McCafferty recognized Ryan’s talent, and with the other talented Penn’s Forest players and the coaching of Bill Truschel (son of Tom and Mary Jo), they won 2 state championships. Erik Ingram [son of Cheryl (Stresky) and Pete] also coached Ryan.

That (and lots of hard work) led to the upper echelons of the soccer world for Ryan: Olympic Development, Region I Championship, National Championships in Indiana, Elite Soccer Camp (Memphis), recruitment from many colleges, Wake Forest University four NCAA appearances, drafted by MLS Sporting Kansas City, 6 years playing pro soccer in four European countries, and induction into the Penn Hills Sports Hall of Fame.

All because Ed McCafferty saw talent in a little boy who loved soccer.

Our love to you Margie.  We hold your family in our hearts.

Brenda (Nance) and Richard Caugherty

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