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2015 Penn Hills High School Florida Gathering

2015 PHHS Florida Gathering




Bette Lee Stegner Widdowson - Class of 1942

Mort Stanfield introduces Bette Lee and gives her a gift from the organizing committee!


Bette Lee was a WAC and will soon be going on an Honor Flight to Washington DC for WW II Veterans!


Bette Lee brought with her the 1942 Commencement Exercise booklet - do you know any of these 209 graduates?


The list continues!



Bette Lee brought with her a picture from her 10th reunion in 1952!


Here is a picture from her 25th reunion in 1967.



Here is a picture from her 40th reunion in 1982. There were 209 graduates in the class, so this was a good turn out for the 40th.



Ron Amodeo - Class of 1953



Jim Ziegler and Shirley Ziegler - Class of 1954



Stu Griest - Class of 1955



Phil Maus, Shirley Maus, and Yvonne Heep - Class of 1956



Dave Meyers - Class of 1957



Jim King - Class of 1958



Kathie Sekerka Lukitsch and Carolyn Blanck (Toots) Meyers - Class of 1959



Tony Proviano and Pat Griest - Class of 1960



Bill Conner, Bob Moelber, Mary King Conner, Dave Jones, Terry Smith, David Russell, Len DiNardo, Mort Stanfield, and Spencer Grieco

Class of 1961



Tom Walters, Glenn Zempel, Bill Haygood, Patty Wright Gunsallus, David Schrott, Joe Tuminella, Bob Friend, and Cheryle Hefferle Hahnfeldt

Class of 1962



Eleanor Fullet Grieco and Judy Tuminella Erdelyi - Class of 1963



Dave Waxman and Steve Warkaske - Class of 1963



Back Row: John Ziegler, Dave Anderson, Bob Buchanan, Sally Barr, Richard Ross, Dave Dixon, Mike Roteman, Bill McClinton, and Larry Quigley

Front Row: Kathy Best Allen, Sharon Weyer English, Sharon Grieco Skelly, Sandy Jamison McClinton, Pegi Wieland Gorman, and Carol Fraser McKnight

Class of 1964



Jerry Lowe and David Lott - Class of 1964



Sue Rutter Quigley and Wink Daniel - Class of 1965



Pat Lott - Class of 1965



Mike Waldron - Class of 1965




Scott Long - Class of 1966


Greg Bender - Class of 1966



Linda Howe Somerhalder - Class of 1966



Tina Mitrakos, Linda Skowronski Walters, Gary Meglio, Karen Meglio, Terry Griffith, Paula Seibel Anderson, and Karen Maust

Class of 1967



Barbara Finlay - Class of 1968



Rich Shaffer - Class of 1969



Steve Norman - Class of 1971



Jim Charrie - Class of 1972



Former Teachers: Morton Stanfield, Kathie Lukitsch, Bill Lukitsch, Tom Walters, Bob Moelber, Dot Kondrick Lamuth, Tom Dunker, Jon Albitz, Joe Tuminella, and Tom English



Former Teacher Craig Aston with Bob Moelber and Joe Tuminella


Bill Lukitsch with Bette Lee Widdowson



Class of 1961 Unsurpassed! - Bob Moelber,Terry Smith, Mary Conner, Dave Jones, and Bill Conner



Tom Walters and Terry Smith talk with Mitzi Buechele, honary Penn Hills graduate from the Penn Hills branch campus in Clairton



Linda Walters met everyone at the sign in table



Joe Tuminella became a member of the program committee this year


Even with new knees, hips and a shoulder Bob Buchanan stills looks as great as ever.




Everyone was glad to see Dave Jones who many haven't seen in a long time



Bob Moelber and Mary King give the Gathering a thumbs up!



Craig Aston, Bob Moelber, Tony Proviano, Rich Erdelyi, and Bill Lukitsch with Jim Studerbaker (from Wilkinsburg)


Several classmates concluded the evening with dinner at the World of Beer in Brownwood, the newest town center in The Villages



Wink Daniel and Tom Walters inform everyone that next year the fourth annual Penn Hills Florida Gathering will be held on February 20, 2016 at the Evans Praire Country Club in The Villages.  Make sure you mark your calendar now and tell all of your Penn Hills friends. Next year there will be special planned activities after the initial gathering so please plan to stay longer!  See you next year!!!