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2020 Florida Gathering


The 8th Annual PHHS Florida Gathering was held on February 15, 2020 at The Villages!



Tony and Bobbie Proviano

Nancy (Johnston) Campbell and Dick Campbell


Center is Peggy (Estatico) Shaffer and Jim Shaffer talking with a guest at the Gathering


Rich Cefola and his wife, Dee


Jon Albitz and Tom Dunker


Wink Daniel and wife, Pat (Hopper) Daniel


Rich Ross, Susan Quigley, and Larry Quigley


Joe Diana and Linda (Dunkan) Diana


Judy (Tuminella) Erdelyi, Rudelle Studebaker, and Pegi (Wieland) Gorman


Classes: 54 -60

Tony Proviano (60), Ann (Damask) Downes (54) and Dick Campbell (60)


Bill Patterson (58) - Great Basketball player that went to Penn State


Class of 61: (Unsurpassed)

Morton Stanfield, Nancy (Johnston) Campbell, Arnold Smith, David Russsell, and Richard Cefola


Class of 62:

Bob Friend, Carole (Venturella) Fluhrer, Helen (McMahon) Fielder, Joe Tuminella, Jerry Metcalf, Bill Haygood, and Tom Walters


Classes: 63 & 64

Bob Buchanan, Bill McClinton, Sandy (Jameson) McClinton, Mike Waldron, Peggy (Wieland) Gorman, Jim Maher, Judy (Tuminella) Erdelyi, Rich Ross, Jan (Sherman) Hyland, and Larry Quigley


Classes: 65 & 66

Jim Maher, Susan (Rutter) Quigley, Mike Waldron, Bill Marasco, Wink Daniel, and  Pat (Hopper) Daniel


Class of 67

Joe Diana, Karen (Tovey) Meglio, Gary Meglio,  (non-class member, spouse, Heidi Fullen who photo bombed), Terry Griffith, Joe DiNardi, Paula (Seibel) Anderson, Lee Fullen, Linda (Skowronski) Walters, and Lynne (Ketterer) Kocon


Same class with all members' faces showing


Classes:  68, 69, & 70

Rob Emigh, Rich Shaffer, Barb Finley, Linda (Duncan) Diana, Peggy (Estatico) Shaffer, and Jim Shaffer


Picture of individuals who either worked with or were taught by Jon Albitz


Jim Studebaker, Bob Buchanan, Jon Albilz, and Craig Aston


Jon Albitz


Joe Tuminella, Mort Stanfield and Jon Albitz getting ready for the gathering


Bob Buchanan and Jon Albitz


David Russell and Judith Stanfield


Arnold Smith and his wife, Sandra


Joe Tuminella and his sister, Judy (Tuminella) Erdelyi


Do you remember him? This is a 1943 picture of Mr. Walters (Bucky), the Junior High administrator who was tough on everyone.