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50th Saturday Activities




Penn Hills High School


Entering the high school


The Auditorium is named after Tom Bond


School Entrance

How many times were you sent to the office?


All these people waiting to go to the office!


Front of the Auditorium

Doors to the Auditorium


Band Room


Science Lab



Let me find a seat!


What do they mean by general store?






Entrance to the Gym





New Senior High School

New High School construction site



Lunch at the

Olive Garden

Monroeville Olive Garden




Where is the food?


Beverly Rudoph (Kelly) and others enjoy eating and conversing


Dolane Klein (Adams), Karen Timmis (Solanik) and Barbara Crosby (Phillips)



Saturday ended with a

house party at

Mort's home



More conversation


I'll take that!


Good Food!


More Good food!


This is serious conversation


Everyone is in a conversation


Barbara Crosby (Phillips), Holly Price (Sallade), Beverly Rudolph (Kelly) and Judy Murphy (Isherwood)


Karen Timmis (Solanik) and Vin Hoey

Barbara Thompson (Matthews) and Karen Gerhard (Ernst)