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2024 Floridia Gathering

Eleventh Annual Penn Hills High School Florida Gathering

Saturday, February 17, 2024 

Evans Prairie Country Club 

Dining Room


This year the class with the most classmates in attendance received a prize. The class of 1967 which had 8 classmates attending won the award. Each classmate was given an individual award.




Class of 1960

Dick Campbell  and Tony Proviano


Class of 1961

Morton Stanfield, Rich Cefola, David Russell, Nancy (Johnston) Campbell, and Arnold Smith


Class of 1962

Joe Tuminella, Helen (McMahon) Fielder, Jerry Metcalf, Tom Walters, and Bob Friend


Class of 1964

Bill McClinton, Sandy (Jamerson) McClinton, and Bob Buchanan


Class of 1965

Jim Maher, Gilbert "Gibby" Whetstone, and Wink Daniel 


Class of 1966

Pat (Hopper) Daniel and Dallas Wetzler


Class of 1967

Anna Marie Konetes, Sandy (Williams) Pawlyk , Gary Meglio, Paula (Seibel) Anderson, Linda (Skowronski) Walters, Terry Griffith, and Karen (Tovey) Meglio


Class of 1967

Robert Ross


Class of 1968

Dale Krystek


Class of 1969

Kathy (Albert) Lynch and Rich Shaffer


Class of 1971

Dave Lynch, Peggy (Donovan) Decker, and Fred Decker


Class of 1972

Denise (Grainy) Volker


Class of 1973

Jim Shaffer and Paul Randour


Class of 1974

Peggy (Estatico) Shaffer


Class of 1977

Gary Groff


Class of 1980

Susan (Stephens) Long


Former school district teachers

Dorothy Lamuth , Mort Stanfield, Joe Tuminella, Tom Walters, Pat Daniel, and Wink Daniel


Everyone getting ready for Wink to announce the 50/50 winners


Dale Krystek and his wife, Ann, who is a 1977 grad of Turtle Creek High School


Bill McClinton and his wife, Sandy


Bob Buchanan with his wife, Cindie


Mort Stanfield with Dick and Nancy Campbell


Gilbert "Gibby" Whetstone


Paula Anderson with her "trophy" husband, Herb.


Denise Volker and her husband, Rich, getting together with Joe Tuminella and Helen Fielder


Jerry Metcalf and his wife, Chris


Terry Griffith and his wife, Karen


Arnold Smith purchasing 50/50 tickets from Mort Stanfield


Paula Anderson


Fred Decker with his wife, Peggy


Jim Maher and Sandy Pawlyk from the planning committee


Jim Shaffer and his wife, Peggy, with Sandy Shaffer


Bob Friend with his wife, Jan


David Russell, a true Steelers fan


Wink with his wife, Pat


Sandy Pawlyk with her husband, Nick


Karen Griffith checking everything out


Joe Tuminella and Helen Fielder checking out the yearbooks


Judith Stanfield and Nancy Campbell smiling for the camera


Another group smiling for the camera


The winners, Class of 67, minus one.


Linda Walters getting help from Anna Marie Konetes and Karen Meglio at the registration table


All smiles


All smiles