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50, 40, 30, 25, 20 pictures


Assorted Pictures from the

50 Year Reunion Dinner




Ron Laufer putting down some steps

Jim Mewhirter (High School Coach & Guidance Counselor, Ed Hoover (junior high teacher) and Carole Cohen (9th grade English Teacher)


Sue Isherwood (Fischer), Bub Dialoiso, Sandra Lee Bary (McAdams), and Alice Dapra (Lauric) 


Mike Fornicola also putting down some steps.


Phil Macioce won something!


Jim Keister and Jim Hribal having a drink.

Mary Ann Walker (McWilliams) and Barbara Evans (McBride)


Arnold Smith gets a dance with his wife.


Sarah Blose (kuhn), Angie D'Ambrosio (Carder) and Tip Dye


Marlene Evanosky (Duff) and  Karen Baily (McLaurin) are all smiles.


The hard working planning committee

Margie Pecora (McCafferty), Melanie Amoroso (Lucas), Elissa Schlenker (Manka), Mort Stanfield, Roseanne Murgie (Beebe), and Karen Timmis (Solanik)


Pat Larkin (Clutter) is ready to party.


Dale Blewett at the registation table


Elissa and Melanie




Amy Dean (Dunn) looking good!


Cheryl Stresky (Ingram) and Melanie Amorosa (Lucas)



 Denis Marney and Jim Will



 Chuck Donabedian dancing?

Jean Hainley (Kokoska) 


Mary Van Eman (Hawkins) and Tom Hawkins


 Roseanne, Margie, Melanie, and Jim Deni make a toast


 The winner is Barbara Best (Graetz)


Melanie, Roseanne, and Margie


Glenna Michaux (Saber) 


Angie D'Ambrosio (Carder) and Anita Decesare (Smokevitch) 


Delores Palmer  (Anistead) and husband




Harriet Eppinger, Holly Price (Sallade), and Mort Stanfield


Gayle Davies (Larson) and Linda Renner (Everett)


Robert Wildow


Jim Deni and Angie


Our second half MC - Pete Boyles

Jean and Lew getting ready for the invocation



Mike Fornicola


 Joanne Burroughs (Schade)


Lee Orlic 


Richard Withum


First half MC - Mort Stanfield

Marty Wallace (Myers) Don Myers and John Boughter


Matt Gregory and Lucy Gregory

Catherine Angotti (Carter-Goldston)


Mort and Lew

Bill Stewart


 Leonard McMahon and Mort


Veryl Buff (Springer)


Sue Simler and Jane Irwin (Bruton)


Mary Van Eman (Hawkins) and Mort


Sandra Lee Bary (McAdams) and Sue Isherwood (Fischer)


Janet Mosier (Greer) and Carol Hauck (Calderone)


Richard Withum


Barbara Thompson (Matthews) and Chuck Mink


Margie has been married 50 years? WOW!!!


John Diven and Mike Laus


Both, Mike Fornicola and Hans Brinke, have 17 grandchildren. Prove it by naming all 17!


Dan Ryder


Linda Ashcraft (Bohannon), Holly Price (Sallade), and Jeanne Moore (Milliken)


Pat Seibel (Noone), Audrey Wingfield (Myers) and Missy Tendick (Parks) 


Brenda Nance (Caugherty)


Brenda Nance (Caugherty), Pat Seibel (Noone) and Kathy Bracco (Konopka) 




Spencer Grieco and Mike thinking about old times


 Patricia Seibel (Noone)


A Rose (Dena Pastorini) between two thorns (Pete Boyles and Mort Stanfield)


Rich Cefola won a basket of ????


Sigrid Hagg and Jean Moore (Milliken) smile for the camera


Judy Murphy (Isherwood) and Holly Price (Sallade) smile for the camera


The three amigos (Sam Miglioretti, Pete Boyles, and Mike Laus)


Chuck Donabedian get in a picture with the MC


Trouble - Sarah Blose (Kuhn) and Angie D'Ambrosio (Carder)


 Ron Laufer, Chuck Dinunzio, and Sue Simler


John Diven and Phil Macioce


George Lupinacci wins something! 


Sarah Blose (Kuhn) and Donald Kuhn


John Boughter and Walt Luniewski


Jane Irwin (Burton), Karen Timmis (Solanik) and Bill Conner


 John Regan and Barbara Best (Graetz)


Holly and Virginia Kappler (Crothers)


Phil Macioce


Anita Decesare (Smokevitch)


Linda Dialoiso (BeHage), Margi, and Anita


Carol Dugas (Kern), Marsha Smith (Badali) and Georgette Remezo (Sorrentino)


John Boughter


Walt Luniewski




Jim Mewhirter and Terry Smith talk it over!



Pete Boyles and Dena


Barbara and Barbara


Karen Zeile (Lantz) and Jane Bright (Stewart)


Missy Tendick (Parks), Pat Seibel (Noone) and Beverly Rudolph (Kelly)


Barbara Crosby (Phillips), Jane Irwin (Bruton) and Karen Timmis (Solanik)


Sherry Lawson (Michael) and Barbara Slane (McClinton)


Linda Renner (Everett) and Gayle Davies (Larson)


Carole Cohen - 9th grade English teacher

Sarah and Angie

Mike Nemec and Terry Gill

 Sue Isherwood (Fischer), Sandra Lee Bary (McAdams), Tony Dialoiso, and Alice Dapra (Lauric)


Patricia Kelly



Ed Hoover and wife



Jane Bright (Stewart) and Pete


Janet Mosier (Greer) and Carol Hauck (Calderone)


Mike Norris and Dan Heggie getting together


Sue Isherwood (Fischer) and Si Greene


Rosemay Tolerico (Henry) and Jo Ann Tortorete (Serio)


Mike Norris

Don Kuhn, Harriet Eppinger, and Chuck Dinunzio


Anita, Jane, and Mary Van Eman


Melanie accepting flowers for her leadership with the planning committee


 Linda Bogardus (Cvetnic), Pam Graham (Chappie) and Anita Decesate (Smokevitch)


Joe Gittings


Leonard McMahon



Jean Hainley (Kokoska), Beverly Schmittel (Green) and Dan Ryder


Don Etchison and George Malay


Karen Baily (McLaurin) 


Elaine Lott


Jim Kenny




Chuck Carder and Mike Fronicola


Lew Clark


Nancy Eklund (Grush) and Sue Simler


Judy Murphy (Isherwood)


Bill Connor and Vin Hoey


Don Etchison and Ron Laufer


Mike Nemec and Lew Clark


Richard Withum and Peggy Ingoldsby (Lott)


Lew and Janet Renschigai (Laus)


Arnold Smith


George Kuhn


 Beverly Rudoph (Kelly)



Beverly Schmittel (Green) and Joe Gittings


Beverly, Audrey Wingfield (Myers), and Kathy Bracco (Konopka)


Linda Ashcraft (Bohannon), Jean, Marian Sutter, and Barbara


Pam Graham (Chappie)


Ron Elosser


Joanne Burroughs (Schade)


 Sue Eldridge (Wray) and David Wray


 Roseanne and Melanie


 Karen Zeile (Lantz) and Pete Moses


Si, Lew and Mort


Beverly Schmittel (Green)


 Rich Cefola


Tip, Dan, and Mike



Kathy Bracco (Konopka)


Chuck Donabedian


Mike Laus


Janet and Mike


Jane Bright (Stewart)


Jim Deni, Matt Gregory and John Regan


Bill Gaw and Mike Laus


Bill Gaw and Sigrid Hagg


Bill Stewart


Sam Miglioretti and Barbara Evans (McBride)


Joe Gittings



Joe Newmyer


Pete Moses


Mort and Judith Stanfield


Barbara Crosby (Phillips) and Mort


 Si, Mort and Judy Nelson (Dilday)


Dan Ryder, Dan Heggie and Bill Gaw


John Regan


Marilyn Speirs (Whiteford) and Cheryl Stresky (Ingram)



Sherry Lawson (Michael), Barabara Slane (McClinton) and Pat Larkin (Clutter)



Karen Baily (McLaurin)


Charlie Appel was our DJ


Nancy Johnton (Campbell)


Denise Erdman (Cole)


Sue Eldridge (Wray), Karen Zeile (Lantz) and Janet Renschigai (Laus)


Peggy Ingoldsby (Lott) and Pat Larkin (Clutter)


Mike Norris


Mort, Karen Gerhard (Ernst), and Jane Bright (Stewart)


Melanie, Margi, Roseanne, and Elissa



Mary King (Conner) and Jean Moore (Milliken) 


Si Greene and Sue Isherwood (Fischer)


Jim Deni


Mary Van Eman (Hawkins)


Diane Zimmer (Lichy)


Pete and Dena





Pictures from the

40 Year Class Reunion


They may still have their boots, but where are there uniforms?

However, the more important question is:

Can they still get into their uniforms?



Pictures from the 25th Reunion

Barbara Crosby, Linda Renner, Karen Bailey, Jane Irwin,

and Karen Timmis at the 25th


Kathy Shorthouse, Jean Moore, and Karen Timmis at the 25th


Jane Irwin and Karen Timmis at the 25th


Barbara Thompson (Matthews) and her husband Dave at the 25th Reunion 

Mary King (Conner) with her husband Bill at the 25th Reunion

Jane Bright (Stewart), Diane Zimmer(Lichy) and Gail Bartley at the 25th Reunion

Jim Will and Margie Pecora (McCafferty) at the 25th Reunion

Sharon Ackerman (Fowler) and her husband, Reese, with Lew Clark at the 25th Reunion

Karen Gerhard (Matthews) with Mort and Judith Stanfield at the 25th Reunion

Arnold Smith, Mrs. Smith, and Mike Laus

Linda Renner,  Janet (Renschigai), Barb Evans, and Karen Bailey


Lew Clark and Janet (Renschigai) Laus


Arlene Iannotti, Angie D'Ambrosio, and Bob Broderick


Barb (Miller) Evans, Bob Evans, Barbara McKnight & Husband


 Bill Gaw and Joanne Burroughs



Pictures from the 30th Reunion

Washington Elementary School boys at the 30th Reunion:

Mike Nemec, Terry Gill, Matthew Gregory, David Russell, Alex Bobick, Emanuel Gregory, and Mort Stanfield




25th Reunion


Twenty Class reunion