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November 2019 POW WOW

November 2019 POW WOW!


Kathy Bracco Konopka, Sherry Lawson Michael, and Brenda Nance Caugherty


Dolane Klein Adams and Brenda Caugherty


Brenda Nance Caugherty, Kathy Bracco Konopka, Patty Seibel Noone, Sigrid Hagg and her husband, Pat Flaherty Henshawe, and Dolane Klein Adams


Peggy Ganong and Dee Gross


Sherry making announcements to the group of over 40 participants.



On the right are Lew Clark, Dee Gross, Peggy Ganong and on the left are Patty Flaherty Henshawe, Sigrid Hagg and her husband and Patty Seibel Noone


Kathy Bracco Konopka, Bob Wildow, George Kuhn, and Sherry Lawson Michael sharing a laugh looking at the yearbook.


Facing the camera are George Kuhn and his wife, Rusty, Sam Adams, Cheryl Stresky Ingram and her husband, Pete, and Cookie and Ron Laufer


Roseanne Murgie Beebe, Melanie Amoroso Lucas, Marsha Smith Badali, Phyillis Pusateri Panek and Donna and Bob Wilddow


Dennis Upperman and his wife, Pam 



Sam Miglioretti, Dennis Upperman, and Lew Clark having a chat


Ron Laufer and wife, Cookie with Bob Wildow and his wife, Donna


Pat, Kathy, and Brenda lived on the same street in the 6th grade with Pat Flaherty


Jerilyn and Rod Hermann



Patty Flaherty Henshawe, Kathy Bracco Konopka, Lew Clark, Brenda Nance Caugherty, and Patty Seibel Noone


Ron Laufer taking a picture


Roseanne Murgie Beebe, Melanie Amoroso Lucas, and Barb Crosby Phillips


Sam Adams, Rod Hermann, Pat Flaherty Henshawe, Sigrid Hagg, Dennis Upperman, and Lew Clark

Penn Hills Class of 1961 Fall 2019 Pow Wow. See you in the Spring!