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2013 Florida Gathering

Penn Hills "Class of 61" classmates at the First

Florida POW WOW/PHHS Florida Gathering



Jim Speziale, Mort Stanfield, Diane Valerio (Hughes), Bill Conner,

Linda Dunphy (Davis), Linda Wheeler (Chambers), Terry Smith,

Bob Moelber, Mary King (Conner)





Bob Moelber, Class President, welcoming Tom Walters (class of 62) Linda Skowronski (Walters) (class of 67) and John Gigliotti (class of 70) to the POW WOW



Tom and Bob checking out the Steeler items at Billy's



Linda Skowronski (Walters) (class of 67) and Jackie Molinaro (McGonigle) (class of 62) smile at the camera while Jim Speziale ponders the problems of the world.



Linda Dunphy (Davis) and Diane Valerio (Hughes) smile at the camera while Diane's husband, Jack, and Mort's wife Judith, look on.



Glen Zempel (class of 62) looking pretty young with Jacki Molinaro (Davis) (class of 62) and Jim Speziale in the background



Diane Valerio (Hughes) and Joyce Molinaro (Bullion) (class of 60) with Mort's wife, Judith





Linda Wheeler (Chambers) and Diane Valerio (Hughes)




Terry Smith and Jim Speziale with Jon Albitz, student teacher at our high school when we were Juniors




Joyce Molinaro (Bullion) (class of 60) and Jacki Molinaro (McGonigle) (class of 62)

Both went to Washington Elementary School

the same school Linda Wheeler and Mort Stanfield attended.



Jim Speziale still pondering!





Diane getting Linda's address because Linda lives on Marco Island and Diane is a snowbird on Marco Island for two months.



Jacki Molinaro (McGonigle) (class of 62) is getting addresses too.



Bill Conner explains something to Jon Albitz.



Mary King (Conner) can't believe what she is hearing!



Tom Walters, Terry Smith, and Linda Wheeler (Chambers) smile for the camera!




John Gigliotti (class of 70) and Bob Moelber are in disbelief!



Whatever Bill Conner is eating it must taste good!




Linda Wheeler (Chambers) eats away as Mary King (Conner) and Linda Dunphy (Davis) check out Terry's CD collection



Bill Conner, Bob Moelber and Jon Albitz in deep discussion




Terry Smith, Jim Speziale and Tom Walters (class of 62) are also in deep discussion




The whole Penn Hills group minus Joyce Molinaro (Bullion) (class of 60) and Jacki Molinaro (McGonigle) (class of 62) who had to leave early!