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The Magic Touch

Ninth Grade - Penn Junior High School-1958



An Evening of One Acts



First Issue

Patterns In Creative Writing

January 1961






Second Issue

Patters In Creative Writing

May 1961




The Elementary Schools

Spring Festival







Eighth Grade Penn Junior High

Seventh Grade Penn Junior High


Sixth Grade Thad Stevens - Mrs Richardson


Fifth Grade Thad Stevens - Mrs Phipps


Third Grade Thad Stevens - Miss Barron


Third Grade William Penn - Mrs Hunter


Second Grade Thad Stevens - Miss Williams


First Grade Thad Stevens - Miss McCluen






Jimmy Edgar, Vin Hoey, Vin's little brother, Paul Planter, Winnie Duff, and Karen Trimmis


Cheryl Stresky, Mrs. Redman, Ron Elosser, and Dave Wray


8th Grade Class Picture


Sports teams Overall Record


It was a pretty good year!



Souvenir Football Programs


 We won the game!




We won the game.



Who are these young men?

40th Class Reunion Planning Committee - Mary Ann (Walker) McWilliams, Diane (Valerio) Hughes, Margie Yinger, Phil Macioce, Elissa (Schlenker) Manka, and Melanie (Amoroso) Lucas


40th Reunion Planning Committee at work:

Mary Ann (Walker) McWilliams, Roseanne (Murgie) Beebe, Phil Macioce, Elissa (Schlenker) Manka, Diane (Valerio) Hughes, Margie Yinger, and Melanie (Amoroso) Lucas



Jim Speziale, Walter Batchelor, ??, Terry Smith, Mike Punzak, and Chick Burton in the Cub Scouts


A lot of Classmates at the senior banquet


Tom Schuler, Arnie Smith,and Mort Stanfield

Donna Snyder, Rodney Herrman, Bob Broderick, Clem DeFrancesco, Tom Clark and Jean Heckel

The young ladies ready for the Senior Banquet!


John Heck, Bud Richards,Chuck Donabedian, Joe Zevola, Hans Brinkle, Gary Echard, Gary Cohen, and Frank Coffen


Jeff Baily, Don Cook, Terry Gill, Don Etchison, David Gibbs, John Diven, and Bill Kreiling

William Penn 6th Grade - Mr. Igo



William Penn 5th Grade - Miss Miller



Penn Junior 7th Grade


Hebron 6th Grade - Mrs Redman


Thad Stevens 5th Grade - Mrs Smith



Thad Stevens 4th Grade - Miss Cole


Thad Stevens 3rd Grade - Mrs Cappe


PTA Scholarships


Baccalaureate Service


Senior Banquet


Commencement and Baccalaureate Guidelines

All Night Prom Guidelines


Commencement Program



 9th Grade Pictures!

Do you know who they are?



First Grade at Hebron - Mrs Claus


Second Grade Hebron - Mrs Bertovich


Third grade at Rosdale or Davidson


Fourth or Fifth  Grade Hebron School  - Mrs Sconing and Miss Koehler


Penn Junior Latin Banquet - Barb Miller, Diane Finley, Joanne Burroughs, Judy Livengood


Penn Junior Latin Banquet - Diane Finley, Barb Miller, Joanne Burroughs, ?, Judy Livengood, Linda Wheeler


Penn Junior Latin Banquet - Mort Stanfield, Bill Johnston, Jim Will, Jack McCutchen, John Regan


Penn Junior Latin Banquet - Don Stoner, Sil Martini, Tom Lalor


High School Band Trip - Judy Livengood, Bill Gaw, Joanne Burroughs


High School Band Trip - Jean Allen, Ray McBride, Joanne Burroughs, Barb Miller, Bob Matthews, Claire Maxwell



High School Band Trip - Jean Allen, Joanne Burroughs, Barb Miller, Barb McKnight, and Karen Bailey.



 1957 Colts

7th Grade Class Lincoln Park School - Ms. Byrd

The Igniters, a Penn Hills favorite in the mid-late 60's


 Pittsburgh Skyline, Circa 1961

Construction of the Civic Arena, The Igloo




 Penn Hills Red Sox


  Penn Hills Dragons

Roberts School Sixth Grade


Penn Junior 7-9 - Mrs Sparks

Washington Elementary School - Sixth Grade - Mrs Duff

Washington Elementary School - Fifth Grade - Mrs Nemec

Washington Elementary School - Four Grade - Mrs Jacobs

Washington Elementary School - Third Grade - Mrs Nesbit

Washington Elementary School - Second Grade - Mrs Hershey

Washington Elementary School - First Grade - Miss Anderson