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2017 Florida Gathering


The annual PHHS Florida gathering had over 130 in attendance with more than 80 with a Penn Hills High School affiliation. 42 people stayed to have dinner at the country club.



2017 PHHS Florida Gathering



Special Guest was the parrot brought by Ron Capalongo





Jeff Emigh class of 1974



Rich Shaffer Class of 1969



Terry Smith, Morton Stanfield, Bob Moelber, Mary Conner, Bill Conner, and Spencer Grieco

Class of 1961


Nancy Johnston Campbell (61) and Dick Campbell (60)




Rob Emigh, Pam Finley, and Shirly McIntyre Peach

Class of 1968



Terry Griffith, Kathy Finley Kaclik, Anna Marie O'Conner Knotes, Karen Tovey Meglio, Linda Skowronski Walters, Cheryl DeFrancisco, Lynne Ketterer Kocan, and Gary Meglio

Class of 1967



Bill Knepper, Pat Hopper Daniel, and Winki Wright

Class of 1966



Wink Daniel and John Vucci

Class of 1965



Bill McClinton, Sandy Jamison McClinton, Rich Ross, Sharon Weir English, Bob Buchanan, Sharon Grieco Skelly, Patti Hohman Gecko, Carol Frasier McKnight and Leonard Hromyak

Class of 1964



Eleanor Fullet and Judy Tuminella Erdelyi

Class of 1963



Darlene Cassidy Smith, Bob Friend, Joe Tuminella, Ron Capalongo, Marlene Mirenzi Geraci, Bill Haygood, Helen McMahon Fielder, Bill Waugaman, Patti Wright Gunsallus, Tom Walters,

and David Schrott

Class of 1962




Joel Geraci, Harry Damp, Judy Yoechel Kreiling, Bob Kreiling, Tony Proviano, and Ray Morrow

Class of 1960



Jim Haygood (55) and Dave Meyers (57)



Jon Albitz, Jim Haygood, Bob Moelber, Judy Yoechel Kreiling, Joe Tuminella, Tom English,

Morton Stanfield, Pat Hopper Daniel, Tom Walters, and Dorthy Kondrick Lamuth

Former Teachers



Tom Walters and Ray Prantil (Former Teacher)



Leonard Hromyak and wife with Sandy Jamison McClinton, Wink Daniel, and Bill McClinton



Bob Moelber, Tom Walters, Ray Prantil and Craig Aston (Former Teacher)



Spencer Grieco, Bob Moelber and Tony Proviano



Leonard Hromyak, Wink Daniel and Bob Buchanan



Jim Haygood, Bob Moelber and Jon Albitz



Craig Aston, Tony Proviano, Jim Haygood and Jim Studerbaker (from Wilkinsburg)



Bob Moelber and Terry Smith



Karen Tovey Meglio, Ann Marie O'Conner Knotes, Terry Griffith, Lynne Ketterer Kocan,

Gary Meglio, and Linda Skowronski Walters



Rich Erdelyi and Leonard Hromyak



Kathy Finley Kaclik, Pam Finley, and Barbara Finlay (68)




Karen Tovey and Peggie Paige Kates (73)



Pattie Hohman Gecko, Mickey Hohman Sowko, and Janet Hohman Brown



Tom Walters, Ken Watson (61) and Joe Tuminella




People enjoying Dinner

The 2018 PHHS Florida Gathering will be held in The Villages on

Saturday, February 17, 2018.