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55th Reunion picture

Pictures from the 55th class reunion



The official 55th class reunion photo!


Alice Dapra (Lauric) setting everything up.




Sue Simler gets ready to post memorabilia!



Old Memorabilia



More Old Memorabilia



Our beautiful Cake!



Everything is ready to go!



Chuck Carder, Angie D'Ambrosio (Carder), and Anita Decesare (Smokevitch) and her husband are ready.



David Martin (class of 60) with Harriet Eppinger (Ellenberger) and her husband.



Bill Gaw with his wife, Ginny.



John Regan with Judith Stanfield



Sam Adams and his wife,Toni, with Sherry Lawson (Michael) and her husband, William.




Jack D'Ambrosio with Phil Macioe and wife, Caroline.




Cookie Laufer along with Cheryl Stresky (Ingram) and husband, Pete, and Diane Bitzer(Wright)



Sue Simler at her table.



Len DiNardo and wife, Sandra, with Pat Kelly.



Iris Keys with Margie Pecora (McCafferty) and Roseanne Murgie (Beebe)



Sam Adams talking with his wife, Toni.



Bill Gaw and Chuck Carder


Cookie Laufer with the leader of the Epics



The Epics singing group entertained us all!



Taking items home for safe keeping in preparation for the 60th Reunion!



At the Luncheon



Sandra and Arnold Smith, Brenda Nance (Caugherty) with her husband, Richard, along with Nancy Ekland (Grush) and Sue Simler.




Alice Dapra (Laurie) with Cheryl Stresky (Ingram) and husband, Pete.




Donald Stoner and wife, Jackie, with Paul Schofield and wife, Judith.




Dan Ryder, Lew Clark, and Pete Boyle




Elissa Schlenker (Manka), Mary Jane Ott (Rihn) along with her husband, James, with Margie Pecora (McCafferty), Roseanne Murgie (Beebe), and Jim Deni and wife, Mary Ann.



Dolane Klein (Adams) with Sherry Lawson (Michael) and her husband, William