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2019 Florida Gathering


Penn Hills High School Florida Gathering - 2019



David Dakan, Craig Aston, Fred Chirieleison, and Tom Dunker discussing the Gathering


Lynne Ketterer Kocan, Barb Finley, and Linda Chirieleison


Frank Mirenzi and Mort Stanfield



Wink Daniel and Rick Ross



Tom Walters with Jack Peffer



Jon Albitz - Teacher and an event organizer



Dorothy Lamuth - Teacher who missed the teacher picture



Dave Dakan



Pat Hopper Daniel, Sandy Williams Pawlyk, and Karen Tovey Meglio



Bob Friend



Larry Schaal, Lynne Ketterer Kocan, and Terry Griffith



Helen Fielder, Rich Ross, and Sandy McClinton



Jack Peffer



Bob Moelber



Arnold Smith, Bob Moelber, Gary Meglio



Bill Morasco and Jim Maher


Tom Lucas (class of 1955) and David Meyers (Class of 59)



Joel Geraci, Frank Mirenzi, Dick Campell

Class of 1960



Bob Moelber, Spencer Grieco, David Russell, Terry Smith, Nancy Johnston Campell, Morton Stanfield, and Arnold Smith

Class of 1961



Tom Walters, Helen (McMahon) Fielder, Bill Haygood, Marlene (Mirenzi) Geraci and Bob Friend

Class of 1962



Elli (Grieco) Fullet, Judy Tuminella Erdelyi, and Jan (Sherman) Hyland

Class of 1963



John Ziegler, Sharon Grieco Skully, Leonard Hromyak, Richard Ross, Larry Quigley, David Dakan, Carol Snivley Dakan, Bill McClinton, Sandy McClinton

Class of 1964





Jim Maher, Bill Marasco, Wink Daniel, Susan (Rutter) Quigley and Marcie Randour Corcoran

Class of 1965



JoAnne Schrott Alexander, Scott Long, and Pat (Hopper) Daniel

Class of 1966



Gary Meglio, Karen (Tovey) Meglio, John Schaal (Verona High School), Terry Griffith, Larry Glesky (Plum high), Lynne (Ketterer) Kocon, Linda (Skowronski) Walters, Sandy (Williams) Pawlyk

Class of 1967



Barb Finlay, Fred Chirieleison (Class of 1965), and Linda (Hoffman) Chirieleison

Class of 1968




Joyce Mirenzi

Class of 1971



Craig Aston,Tom Walters, Morton Stanfield, Tom Dunker, Bob Moelber, Ray Prantill, Pat Daniel, Jon Albitz, Dave Dakan, Carol Dakan, Larry Glesky, Jan Hyland,and Fred Chirieleison




Craig Aston finding his picture in the year book 



People brought items that have been in their closets for years!



Jim Maher, Gary Meglio and Bill Marasco