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Welcome to the Penn Hills High School Message Forum.

The message forum is an ongoing dialogue among classmates. Feel free to post a message to all classmates, questions, comments, requests, suggestions, responses, etc.

The Message Forums works when people participate - so don't hestitate to post and don't be bashful! Click the "Post Response" button to add your entry to the forum.

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08/13/15 04:46 PM #82    


Terry Smith

Lost & Found Dept.   I've lost my fishing buddy, Bob Moelber! 😞. Just kidding!!!, but congrats. to our class President on his engagement !!! I  figured Bob might not post it on the website ! Marvel is a GREAT "Catch" !! If I can get them outa' Fairmont, Minn. we can resume hanging out in the "Glades". Just thought Y'all should know !! (Sam Mig., YOU need to get down here & help me catch some BIG Redfish. It's that time of the year.!!.Just think; fishing in Everglades Nat. Park, shooting trap,watching the "Stillers" at the local Pittsburgh bar !!)

08/14/15 05:57 AM #83    


Sam Miglioretti

I am so happy for Bob and hope that "YINZ" can still be fishing buddies.

08/14/15 09:41 AM #84    


Terry Smith

In response to Camille's post, I'm not sure what happened, but Mike Creazzi sent me a news feed about a murder on my old street, Joan Drive !! Then, not too long ago my brother Dave( who resides in Murrysville ,PHS  class of '57) sent me an article about a lady who resides in our old neighborhood(Paris Drive) getting busted with an enormous amount of Cocaine. Seems her only prior brush with the law was attempting to shoot her boyfriend. Huh??? What???? 

08/21/15 01:23 PM #85    

Mary Van Eman (Hawkins)

Reunion 55 is a great idea.  I really don't have  a preference for type of reunion.  

A tour of the new high school might be a fun addition. 

Mary Van Eman Hawkins


08/21/15 01:26 PM #86    


Janet Renschigai (Laus)

How can it be 5 years already?!!

I am definitely in favor of a 5 year get together, as we are not getting any younger. I'm trying though!! As to what kind of reunion, I vote for a dinner with dance music, but eliminate all the speeches and prizes. A cruise seems to be exclusionary, and a picnic is too dependent on weather. 

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again!




08/21/15 07:52 PM #87    


Richard Cefola

I vote with Janet.

08/21/15 10:00 PM #88    

George Lupinacci

I vote with Janet

08/21/15 10:14 PM #89    

Kenneth Watson

OOh!   I agree with Janet's suggestion, and hopefully it will be held in Pgh, as we had plans next summer to come up to the "Burgh" anyhow, so maybe segway this in ? You have my vote as I concurr with Janet's suggestion.

Ken Watson


08/22/15 11:16 PM #90    


Walter Luniewski

 I look forward to a 55th reunion, in any form.  I agree with Janet's suggestion, less program with more time to visit with classmates.

08/23/15 12:23 PM #91    

Daniel Hedeen Sr

I agree with everybody elses agreement, to agree!! Would like to come back home one more time, and not only see my old classmates, but a chance to visit with what family and friends remain, alive and able to speak, and see, etc,etc!!! :)  So will look forward to hearing more in the coming months. 

And by the way hats off to Mort Stanfield for all the work you put into maintaing this website, look forward to seeing you again.

08/23/15 12:24 PM #92    

Mary Jane Ott (Rihn)

sounds great to me

08/23/15 02:46 PM #93    


Jo Ann Tortorete (Serio)

I agree with Janet.  I also would like it to be in Pittsburgh. That gives all of us who live far away a good excuse to go back home and visit all the family we may have still there for us.laugh

08/23/15 02:54 PM #94    

Samuel Adams

I feel we should continue to get together as long as we can A dinner dance sounds great



08/23/15 03:31 PM #95    


Patricia Seibel (Noone)

I also agree. Can we add "casual - comfortable" dress? 


08/23/15 04:09 PM #96    


Mary Caranfa (Tranquillo)

I missed the last reunion but heard how much fun it was.  I vote for a dinner dance in Pittsburgh.  I hope to able to attend this time as I still have family and friends in Pittsburgh and it will be good to visit again.

08/23/15 05:15 PM #97    


Ronald Laufer

count me in and i support janets idea willing to help  the committee also 

08/23/15 06:24 PM #98    


John Boughter

I also like Jan Laus's suggestion for a dinner party.

08/23/15 07:40 PM #99    


Nancy Eklund (Grush)

I 'll add my name to the Dinner Party vote and also add Casual Attire.

08/23/15 08:23 PM #100    


Jim Deni

I am also on board for a 55 year reunion in Pa. Like Janet's suggestion & maybe a breakfast the next day! For those traveling it makes sense to spend as much time with classmates as possible! A high school tour maybe would be nice! 👍😊🚗

08/23/15 08:38 PM #101    


Jim Deni

Causal Attire I'm for and setting a date ASAP!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎤

08/23/15 08:45 PM #102    


Nancy Eklund (Grush)

I'll tweek my response to match Jim Deni's.

08/23/15 09:16 PM #103    


Donald Cook

I missed the last reunion and would like to attend the next one.  I vote for casual dinner in Pittsburgh.

08/23/15 09:25 PM #104    

Kenneth Watson

I agree with others, casual dress, and maybe a tour of new high school , plus a next day breakfast. Looking forward to seeing classmates again, as missed the 50th !

Ken Watson

08/23/15 11:21 PM #105    


Denise Erdman (Cole)

I would like a dinner dance for our 55th reunion. 

Denise Erdman Cole


08/24/15 07:20 AM #106    


Sam Miglioretti

Dinner dance fine with me. Maybe gateway clipper ? Out of towners and drunks can stay @ the Shearton Hotel and do a breakfast in the resturant and if scheduling is right attend a steelers or pirate game and no driving is involved.  

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