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09/22/11 09:45 PM #30    


Susan Simler

If you are like me, you are coming down from a "spectacular" 50th reunion!!!

We may all thank the committee members, but, cannot conceive of all the time they put into the reunion.  Fantastic job.

Mort and Elissa probably got to the point where they shuttered when they got e-mails from me. I kept tracking "missing" classmates until the very end.  where would we be without the internet?

Looking forward to the 55th - hopefully will get to spend time with the classmates I didn't get to talk to at the 50th.

If anyone has ANY info on any of the "missing", please forward the info to me.  I will attempt to find them.






09/30/11 09:16 AM #31    


Terry Smith


     Redfish are really hitting now. Better call Chuck & head on down.Seems like our last fishing trip I had to pay for gas to get us home. As I recall I had to fork out 27cents. Those were the days !! Actually I'm more worried about our beer tab on this trip !!


                                                                T Smith

10/01/11 06:14 AM #32    


Sam Miglioretti

I am looking @ middle of winter when i start getting cabin fever. Do they have Iron City down there?

10/01/11 09:43 AM #33    


Terry Smith


   Your in luck ! I'm still Dj-ing at a pgh. sports bar near my house.The owner is a GOOD friend. She graduated from Churchill High.She stocks Iron City & Iron City lite. All the "Burgh" people gather every Sun. to watch the Steelers. In Dec. & Jan the Redfish & Snook spread out,but trout fishing & sheepshead starts turning on .


10/19/11 06:03 PM #34    


Morton Stanfield

The following is the article that Pete Boyles wrote in the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle about the reunion.


Back To The Future

I can die happy, the return of the native, the dark at the top of the stairs, look homeward angel and/or you can go home again if only momentarily.

Fifty years went by like lightning. The banner class of Penn High School held its 50th class reunion during the first part of September this year. I’d never attended a reunion before but one of the really good guys I went to high school with, Mort Stanfield, contacted me and asked me if I would conduct an “after the dinner talk and conversation.” I had to think about it for a couple of days and then I thought, “This would be great.” And just like The Lion King, it was the Circle of Life.

So riding back from Sturgis by myself I worked on what I thought I would say. Remember, we’re not the hippies, we’re not the beatniks, we were not a protest generation; we were simply children of the ’40s and our boyhoods/manhoods were spent in the ’50s. I was out of high school almost two years before Jack Kennedy was killed. (Now I sound like my mother talking about Pearl Harbor).

So into the Hamar House restaurant in Harmarville, Pennsylvania, on a Friday night I strode with my close personal friend Dena Pastorini with a lump in my throat and a brick where my stomach was. I had had breakfast that morning with Mort and a man from my neighborhood, Mike Laus, who had managed to get himself a PhD from the University of Alabama. We had breakfast in a café close to the steel mill I worked in as a kid that has now been torn down and the scrap metal I think got shipped to Japan.
One of the women we went to high school with now owns the café, and after being with Mike and Mort for breakfast, I really could have gotten on the airplane and gone home. They had been in touch with a lot of people and knew the outcomes of many of our classmates’ lives. Mort, after returning from Vietnam, spent his professional life helping young people in Pittsburgh. Mission accomplished.

But that night it took about 15 minutes for all the walls to drop, all the stories to begin, all the tears to flow and all the hugs and embraces to start.

Everybody wore a picture of who they were in 1961 — their high school yearbook picture with their name attached. Two old guys would look at each other — not at their faces but at each other’s chests where the pictures were, and then exclaim: “Jesus Christ I thought you were dead!” or “Did you marry her?” or in one of my dearest friends Sam Miglioretti’s words, “WTF have you been doing for the last 50 years?!”

Now Sam, whose real name is Savaro, brought his award-winning homemade wine for our table. Note to self: Sam and I talked about being 12 and 13 years of age and drinking his father’s homemade wine after school and me stumbling home to my parents’ house with the heat on in 1958. Some things just don’t change. (The idea of being in recovery from alcohol seems to have skipped a lot of folks in Western Pennsylvania).

I bought drinks for a lot of guys at the bar that night — now remember where I grew up a mixed drink is a shot and a beer or as they say, “An imp (imperial whiskey) and an iron (Iron City beer).” Now as my uncle would always say, they sent a sample of Iron City beer to a chemist whose return report said, “Your horse is really sick.”

One of the local old DJ legends by the name of Charlie Apple spun the tunes. You forget how wonderful late ’50s and early ’60s doo wop music really is.

Over the course of the evening one of the fellows, whose name I won’t use in this column, had recently come home from over 35 years in the state penitentiary. The beef was murder. Between 1959 and 1961 he was one of the finest athletes in Western Pennsylvania, now reduced to a seemingly frail old fellow in a white shirt, a stingy brim hat and eyeglasses. His sports were track and field, basketball and football. I introduced him that night without mentioning everything that had happened after 1961, and the room gave him a standing ovation. It was definitely a highlight for all of us. And later in the evening my girlfriend Dena went over and asked him to dance.

So what have we learned? Things don’t change, but the more they do change the more they really remain the same. Included in the night’s program was a list of our classmates who had passed away. The series of events were the Vietnam War, accidents, sickness and lifestyle choices. I found out that one of my dearest friends from the first grade on, a kid named Johnny Gest, was gone. That one hurt.
A local physician friend of mine had said, “Well Peter, not everyone gets to live to 70.”
I hate that.

Returning to Pittsburgh was like Neil Diamond said, “L.A.’s home but it ain’t mine and New York’s mine but it ain’t mine no more.” And without the help of my nephew Pad, I couldn’t have found my way around. Thank God Dena understood how to use the GPS. I drove by my Dad’s house and somebody had put aluminum siding on it. I can’t believe six people shared only one bathroom in a place that little. I went to the cemetery to visit and discover my Uncle Gene and Aunt Helen’s graves were there as well. Gene, who had gone all the way to Anzio across North Africa before it was time to go home, drank hard the rest of his life and was always terrific to me. Went up to his grave, put my hand on the stone and said, “Thanks Gene. You were great to me as a kid.”

And so with that we say, I don’t think there are many reasons to return to Pittsburgh. But to see the Allegheny River, that went past the steel mill I worked in after high school, knowing that river is going to be there when everyone from the Class of 1961 is gone, or as they said with the Wiffen Poofs, past and forgotten with the rest.


10/31/11 10:44 AM #35    


Morton Stanfield

Jud Lacko

Pat was my high school sweetheart. My deepest sympathies go out to her husband and family. I was greatly saddened by the news of her passing. I shall never forget her and am truly blessed that she was in my life, if only for a while. If anyone knows any details on her life after high school, please contact me at my email address. Thank you for any information.

I graduated from Munhall High School, but dated Pat thruout the summer of 1960 until July of 1962. We were sweethearts my senior year. I would like any information about her life after high school (Children,Etc.)I just found out about her passing this week. Please forward any info about her to my email site. Thank you.

11/23/11 12:20 PM #36    


Terry Smith

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy Thanksgiving ! The Smith family will be "deep frying" some turkeys , marinated in Cajun seasoning , plenty of "cold ones" , some fresh Everglades fish, lots of Oldies music,(if the kids let us), & good family memories . Pool side of course !!

                                                                       God Bless !


11/25/11 07:15 PM #37    


Sam Miglioretti

Same thing here with the exception of the fish. Wish you and your family the best for the upcoming hollidays. God gave us beer to show us that he loved us and wanted us to be happy as per my buddy's t shirt. There is a lot to be said about this.I just love the cds and every night while cooking dinner i play them and totaly enjoy them and they bring back many memories. I sing along and know all the words to the songs but cant remember what I ate for supper last night ?? TIGHT LINES AND BENT RODS. (s)

12/03/11 07:32 AM #38    


Morton Stanfield



Jud Lacko



I believe that Francis Porter and Pat Thomas married. Is it possible I could get in contact with Frank Porter? He was a classmate of mine while he was at Munhall High School before he moved to Penn Hills. Would you please post this request, Mort? Thank you...JJL


12/09/11 11:14 AM #39    


Terry Smith

Just got back from Chokoloskee , fishing with Bob Moelber .Time flew by TOO quickly. We talked about the "good old days" ( wondered how we got away some of the "capers" we pulled off) , sang (?) our favorite oldies , actually caught a lot of fish, and enjoyed some "cold ones". There is something magical & tranquil about sharing time with a lifelong friend in the Everglades & catching a spectacular sunset as a pod of dolphins effortlessly glide by !! "Moel" just got a computer & is in the process of becoming proficient with it. I'm sure he will update his profile & include his email address soon so y'all can keep in touch.

                T Smith

12/19/11 08:47 AM #40    


Sam Miglioretti

I was musky fising inKentucky and my guide said how come yall from Pittsburgh say yinz and my reply was how come yinz say yall! TIGHT LINES. (S)

12/21/11 08:38 AM #41    


Terry Smith

Did "yinz" catch any Muskies ??

                         Tight lines Y'all !!

12/21/11 06:34 PM #42    


Charles "Vin" Hoey

I thoroughly enjoyed the reunion too. It didn't take long to renew friendships. Catching up on 50 years, well that takes awhile, but many of us are off to a good start. Am looking forward to the next reunion and will be glad to pitch in (if anything can usefully be done from Dallas). 

A Christmas greeting to all is now up with my photos -- hope your holidays are special. Vin Hoey

01/03/12 04:35 PM #43    


Jim Deni

Happy New to everyone!!!! I wise you and your families good health and a year full of joy! My wife Mary Ann and I had a special Christmas with my daughter visiting from Rome. Of course I had to go out dancing News Eve! Come visit us in the mountains of NC.


03/22/12 08:05 PM #44    


Nancy Eklund (Grush)

Sam Miglioretti entered his wines in last weekend's competition.  See post below:
Miglioretti Wine scores "BIG" at this weekend's Pittsburgh Chapter of The American Wine Society's Conference & Competition ! 13 MEDALS were awarded to our group for wines entered consisting of 3 - "GOLD / 6 - SILVER / 4 - BRONZE."

04/09/12 09:44 PM #45    


Terry Smith

Just sitting here with Jim Speziale having a cold one. Wondering why more "grads" dont use the message forum ? Sam, You need to come fish'n !! Fred Burger was in town & hung out with "Moel". We are planning a mini reunion next winter. Y'all are welcome !!

04/10/12 07:07 AM #46    


Sam Miglioretti

Terry, i just sent Chuck Mink a birthday greeting as today is his birthday.Yes. we need to go fishing as soon as I can get yhings worked out here. (S)  TIGHT LINES 

06/15/12 10:04 AM #47    


Nancy Eklund (Grush)

Steeler Philanthropy



This was sent to me by my son, Eric Grush. I'm sure you "locals" are aware of this, but it's quite exciting to those of us living outside of Pgh.

07/30/12 09:01 PM #48    


Sigrid Hagg

To Chuck Donabedian from Sigrid Hagg:

Thanks for your birthday greeting!  I'm glad to hear from you, and best wishes to you and

 Kathy.  It was great to see you at the reunion, and I can't wait until we get another chance to all be together!

08/05/12 03:15 PM #49    


Terry Smith


     The correct answer is 1. 1452, 2. 1562,3.1652, 4.1653. NOW if we can crack the code we will be all set !!!

                                           Tight Lines,


         P. S. GOOD fish'n trip. Cant wait till Sam Mig. gets down here so we can corrupt him !!

09/06/12 07:09 AM #50    


Sam Miglioretti

I am already corrupted!! Se you the 13th. Chuck cant make it.  (S)

09/17/12 08:42 AM #51    


Terry Smith

The first annual Everglades fishing trip was a success !! Notable attendees included Pres. Bob Moelber & Sam Miglioretti. Sam (aka Mr. Snook) took top honors with a trophy sized Snook of 42 in.Local guides believe this is one of the biggest caught this year. The fish was photographed & released back into the "Glades". Sam has pictures to be posted at a later date. Bob nailed the largest trout at about 24 in. That fish became part of the fish fry along with tasty Redfish.The after party was held at a Steeler sports bar in Ft. Lauderdale to watch our "Stillers" dismantle the Jets !  Sign up early for next years' tournament ! Copius amounts of beer were consumed & the nostalgia stories of Penn Hills days escalated in proportion !!

                                                                                             TIGHT LINES !!

09/18/12 02:21 PM #52    


Robert Moelber, Jr.

TL and Sam,  I sure enjoyed fishin' with two top anglers.  It was great to see Sam after all these years.  Thanks for letting me hang out with the pros.  Bob  9/18/12.

10/31/12 11:16 PM #53    


Ronald Laufer

just back from ft myers beach for a nice 3 week retreat and good friends. had a few with marty bianculli and bob mack . making plans for next year  in october again . another 3 weeks in ft myers this year 2013. kayaked with Marty bianculli

. enjoyed time with bob mack and jim capezzi

07/01/13 10:35 AM #54    


Terry Smith

Getting closer to the 2nd annual Penn Hills fishing tournament.I've already had interest from Sam Miglioretti and Bob Moelber. (You don't even need to fish ! If you like barbeque,  beer,  & oldies you  automatically Qualify !!) We are thinking of some time in September.  In the meantime I'm heading to Alaska in August to deal with some wild Salmon !!

                                                                         Tight Lines !!

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