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The message forum is an ongoing dialogue among classmates. Feel free to post a message to all classmates, questions, comments, requests, suggestions, responses, etc.

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09/15/13 10:17 AM #55    


Terry Smith

My second fishing trip to Alaska was UNBELIEVABLE !!!! Wish I could talk Miglioretti & Moelber  into going !!  Right now I'm hooking up my boat for the Everglades . WOW ! ,Catching Salmon in one corner of the USA one week, and then chasing Redfish in the other corner (Everglades) a few days later.I need to play Lee Greenwood's song "God Bless the USA " (STILL Djing a few parties.)

                                                       Tight Lines !!!!

12/08/13 01:36 PM #56    


Gerald Selzer

Just found this series of messages. I live in Dallas/Ft bworth area. Started a few lines of dialog with some old buddies......John Prince and Bill Gaw. I would be very interested in the fishing reunion next year. My only experience has been Canada and upstate New York for walleye and muskie. Texas fishing has been limited to sand bass.
Jerry Selzer

01/09/14 05:48 PM #57    


Morton Stanfield

You need to talk with Terry Smith.  He does all of the fishing trips.

02/22/14 07:13 PM #58    


Morton Stanfield

The following email was received by me from Beverly:

Hi Mort and Penn Hills Gang,

Thank you so much for the invitation.  Sounds like a real fun time!  I won't be able to make it this time, but maybe in the future.

 We were in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and then to Santa Cruz, CA to visit or Son, Sean and family.  It was a great vacation in Jan., but we came home to frozen pipes and cold house in Northborough, Ma.  We are in the process of remodeling some of the rooms.  After pipes were defrosted gradually with electric heaters and the furnace got a new motor, the plumbers found many split pipes like 32 throughout the house.  As it was done over three days, there wasn't a lot of water damage, but a lot of wall and ceiling damage and leaks.  It was very cold in Jan.  We are still getting many snow storms, one after the other.  Had another big one today.  I know you are also getting blasted with snow my sister, Sue tells me.

Know you will have a great time!  Send me some pictures if you can.

Best wishes always,
Beverly Ann Rudolph Kelly

P.S.  I had a good time at our "50th" Reunion.  It was great to see everybody again.



02/23/14 03:51 PM #59    


Michael Nemec

I am adding my belated many thanks for the work all of you who put together our 50th reunion did to make it happen.  You did a super job!  I also want to thank whoever was responsible for sorting out whatever the problem was so that I could receive updates from the reunion web site - they only started arriving this month (2/14).  Wilma (Rissler, class of '62) and I live in the Shendoah Valley portion of the eastern panhandle of WV ("Almost Heaven") and I love to fish the Shendoah in WV and northern VA.  I would be happy to share info about the area with anyone interested.  We greatly enjoyed the 50th and hopefully will make the 55th.

02/24/14 08:04 AM #60    


Sam Miglioretti

Hey Mike I would love to fish with you on the Shendoa. I fished with Terry Smith and Bob Moleber last year in the everglades for 3 days and it was a blast. You can see pictures on the website.I fished cave run lake in Kentucky 3 times for musky near Montrose Ky. This cant be too far from the W V panhandle. Lets get together. tight lines

02/25/14 03:52 PM #61    


Michael Nemec

Hi Sam - Terry, Bob and you are REAL fishermen, I'm an amature piddler arounder - I like to float in my canoe or wade the riffles, and fish with either a spinning rig or fly line.  I look for good spots for bass and often end up with blue gills, and, try to avoid the catfish and carp.  I do not like fish with big teeth or sharp "quills".  Montrose KY is either 460 or 494 miles from our place in Jefferson County, WV, and, from the number of web sites praising Cave Run Lake, where you were fishing is very popular and full of fish!   In any event, when and if
Spring arrives, along with some warmer temperatures, and if you're interested in some lazy easy fishing, let me know and we'll set up something.  Stay warm!  Mike


02/27/14 08:44 AM #62    


Sam Miglioretti

Good to hear back from  you . I will keep in touch. How far are you from Pgh ?  tight lines

02/27/14 04:12 PM #63    

Samuel Adams

Hi Mike Saw your fishing post I love to fish Iam a little better at fishing than I was on the Trombone.Perhaps when it gets warmer we could get a  group and drown some worms

02/28/14 12:54 PM #64    


Michael Nemec

Sam and Sam - good to hear from both of you.  We're about 200 miles from Pgh - don't know about worms but looking forward towetting some lines without concern to what is on them!  Stay warm!  (Gave my trombone to the Salvation Army about 50 years ago - figured the Army could use it more than I would!)  Mike


03/02/14 09:40 PM #65    


Ronald Laufer

does anyone have any class pictures from Wm Penn school on verona road  from 1949 thru 1956  looking for ones that i was in   thanks  have 3rd grade one but looking for others  thanks agin ron laufer rlaufer8122@verizon.net

08/14/14 12:29 AM #66    


Ronald Laufer

obit in paper tonite  Lou Rossi passed away on sun at 91 yrs of age . He will be remembered for his excellent teaching, coaching  and Principal days at  PH 

08/15/14 11:11 PM #67    


Robert Moelber, Jr.

Robert Moelber 8/15/14

Thanks to Ron and Mort for the info on Mr. Louis Rossi.

We all benefitted from some great teachers, coaches, counselors and administrators at Penn Hills.  Lou was all of these and a fine person as well.  I am proud to have known, worked with and for him.  RIP Lou Rossi

08/22/14 04:21 PM #68    


Mary Augustine (Sheppard)

Sorry to hear about Mr.Rossi"s passing. He was a good teacher and person. He helped me with getting ready for college entrance exams. I will never forget him. A tremendous person!

Mary Augustine Sheppard

11/22/14 05:13 PM #69    


John Boughter

My brother Larry (class of '64') and I are returning to Kenya in December to coordinate the construction of an addition to a grade school in Olanganaiyo, Kenya.  This is a rural Maasai village in southwestern Kenya, with no electricity or running water.  We visited this village on an earlier trip and decided to fund this construction project, so that the Maasai kids can get a decent education. Our goal is to have the addition completed by Jan 1, when the new class starts school.

12/31/14 01:38 PM #70    


John Boughter

We finished the addition to this Maasai school on Dec 15 and had a big celebration with the Maasai village people.

12/31/14 07:00 PM #71    


Mary Caranfa (Tranquillo)


01/01/15 01:05 AM #72    

Linda Dunphy (Davis)

What a wonderful gift.  You and your brother are amazing.  It's a shame there arn't more people like you.


01/01/15 07:23 AM #73    


Jim Deni

What and accomplish!!!!! I have made five trips to Africa and visted so I have the need in remote. Congrulations to you both!!!!

01/02/15 04:05 PM #74    


Linda Ashcraft (Bohannon)

A great accomplishment...Congratulations!

01/03/15 06:29 AM #75    


Delores Palmer (Anistead)

You are to be commended on fulfilling a great need.

01/03/15 01:38 PM #76    


John Boughter

It was hard work, all manual labor, with no power tools; but it was very rewarding to see the project successfully completed !!  More pics online at www.johnanddianna.net

01/03/15 02:05 PM #77    


Janet Renschigai (Laus)

Congratulations on a much needed job, well done!

01/03/15 03:10 PM #78    


Michael Fornicoia

Great Job John you are a bright light in a dark world. Keep up the good work and may the lord bless you!

I have a daughter who is a missionary in Ethiopia and she and her husband travel there 4 times a year and also have been able to help improve people's lives in Africa. So I understand the commitment you have  made.






01/03/15 06:46 PM #79    


Jean Moore (Milliken)

Great work, John. Congratulations on a job well done! 



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