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Welcome to the Penn Hills High School Message Forum.

The message forum is an ongoing dialogue among classmates. Feel free to post a message to all classmates, questions, comments, requests, suggestions, responses, etc.

The Message Forums works when people participate - so don't hestitate to post and don't be bashful! Click the "Post Response" button to add your entry to the forum.

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07/08/11 07:07 AM #5    


Morton Stanfield

I received this message from Janet Renschigai (Laus) concerning Marge Yinger.


Marg has had health issues lately. A number of years ago she fell while house sitting for her sister Mary. It resulted in a concussion but she seemed to recover from it. A month or so ago, she had some kind of respiratory attack ( asthma or something), was hospitalized, and apparently had some anoxia. Since then she has been reclusive, loosing weight, and having some cognitive issues. Her sisters felt she needed to be near one of them, so Bert has moved her to a home near her in Texas. It's really sad as Marg has always been so independent and raised her sisters after her parents and grandmother died.

She has no phone, but I'm sure would appreciate any cards from friends. Her address is:        

Autumn Leaves Memory Care        

10700 Montfair Blvd.        

The Woodlands, Texas, 77382

Needless to say, she won't be attending the reunion.


07/09/11 02:04 AM #6    


Janet Renschigai (Laus)


Ninth grade pictures:

David Alexander (1), Joanne Burroughs, Bill Burton, Mike Creazzi, Jeff DeVinney (5), Fred Kelly, David Griffith, Si Greene, Bill Johnston, Phil Macioce, Mike Manna, Alfred Melzer, Mike Nemic, Denny O'Hara, Don Pett, Bob Raci, Georgette Remezo, Joe Vaccarello, Mary Van Eman (19) Bruce Wheeter, David Wray, and Camille Flinko. Can't remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday, but I did remember some faces from 50 plus years ago..........could it be age related????


Janet Renschigai Laus

07/10/11 08:06 AM #7    


Morton Stanfield


You have 22 of the 25.  Does anyone know the other three?

07/13/11 09:03 PM #8    


Janet Renschigai (Laus)


Do you know the other 3??

07/15/11 07:33 AM #9    


Morton Stanfield

Of course I do!  Here is a hint.  Two of the three did not end up graduating from Penn Hills - they moved away from Penn Hills.

07/27/11 07:44 PM #10    


Susan Simler

Hi gang

Mort put me on the trail of missing classmates.  If any of you know the married name of the female classmates who have not responded yet, please contact me.


sue simler


08/24/11 05:55 PM #11    


Beverly Schmittel (Green)


08/31/11 03:00 PM #12    


Mary Caranfa (Tranquillo)


I had been looking forward to attending our "50th" reunion for at least a year.  Unfortunately my husband's sister died on Monday, August 29 so we will not be able to attend the reunion.

I wish all of you pleasant times recalling memories of our days at Penn Hills High. 

Thank you to the reunion committee, to Mort for the website and to all who posted profiles on the website.  My family and I have enjoyed reading about what you have been doing for the past 50 years.

09/02/11 04:55 PM #13    

Ernest Johnston

To the CLASS OF 1961

     I cannot be at the celebration in person so I am using this forum to communicate with the class. It has been really great to see all of the class members who have posted information. It has been great to see what everyone did following the high school years. I am not a well known member of the class but I was there. Hope you who attend celebrate the evening away. Pause to remember those of the class that have passed on. To those who like myself cannot be at the reunion, pause to say good luck to all the class. Reunion #60 if there is one will be when I am 80. I don't think I will be at that one either. In closing GO PENN HILLS INDIANS

Ernest (Ernie) Johnston


09/04/11 06:32 PM #14    

Peggy Ingoldsby (Lott)

How can we upload photos from the 50th reunion? Please post instructions.

Had a great time.


09/04/11 06:53 PM #15    

Peggy Ingoldsby (Lott)

We discovered the Photo Editor and uploaded photos from the reunion to my profile site, for everyone to enjoy.


09/04/11 11:52 PM #16    


Patricia Seibel (Noone)

 My husband and I had a great time on Friday night.  The reunion was very special and something I will remember for a long time to come.  Some pictures of our Wilson Farms neighborhood group are posted under my profile.  I wish I had taken more pictures but honestly I was way to busy talking and having fun.

Thanks to all who made this night possible.  You did a wonderful job and I for one certainly appreciate what you all did.  I can't tell you what it meant to me to be reunited with the best friends I ever had.



09/05/11 08:39 AM #17    


Mildred Bichsel

I am pleasantly surprised that I had a great time at the reunion. After making my reservation to attend, I began to think do I really want to do this. What if there is no one there I know? It didn't happen! Had a great time talking to Linda Foreman, Mae Jean Hainley and Marion Sutter. Talked to others I remembered and they didn't remember me. Good to see Vin Hoey, Linda Ashcraft, mary king and John Diven at the tour of our old high school. I now know why they are building the new building. I can't believe the cracks in the building. Thanks to Sue Simler for finding me. I wasn't really lost. I still live in Penn Hills and can still walk to the high school. Do you remember those winter days when school counted if the walkers got there? Today, a couple of flakes and school is delayed or called off. The kids are soooo pampered these days!

09/05/11 10:38 AM #18    


Mary Caranfa (Tranquillo)

Linda Foreman told me the reunion was great.  I am sorry I had to miss it.  She also told me Mr. Hoover was there.  If anyone has his address or phone number, can you please send it to me at mtranq2@juno.com.  Mr. Hoover was my favorite teacher  and I want to send him a thank you note.

09/05/11 07:14 PM #19    


Patricia Seibel (Noone)

 Just posted a few more pictures.  Hope everyone who took pictures will download them to this site.  Would love to see all of them.

09/05/11 08:16 PM #20    


Nancy Eklund (Grush)

Our 50th Reunion was absolutely fantastic!

It's impossible to adequately thank the organizers:
Roseanne Murgie
Melanie Amoroso
Elissa Schlinker
Margie Pecora
Karen Timmis

and last, but not least, Mort Stanfield!

Such a successful and thoroughly enjoyable evening could not have happened without the tireless effort of you wonderful and committed people over the many months beforehand.

Finally, this web site has been a major asset and blessing. I've so enjoyed communicating with our many classmates and look forward to continuing in the future.

Please keep me in mind to assist [remotely] with our next reunion.

Cherishing the memories,
Nancy [Eklund] Grush

09/05/11 08:30 PM #21    


Jim Deni

It was great to see all of you at the 50th reunion. The sad thing is the evening went so fast it was impossible to see everyone. The tour of the old HS was great and brought back many menories.

I know all of that attended want to give a big thank you to the committee, what an awesome job they did pulling us all together and we responded with a great turn out. Thank you Mort, Roseanne, Melanie, Elissa, Margi, Karen and anyone I missed. Thank you all for an awesome party Sat. evening at Mort house. I am excited we will keep the website up and look forward to updates and seeing everyone in 5 years. My wife thinks we are a party class compared to her Penn Hills class of 63. I tell my graduate students, "Work Hard Play Hard." So find the best in everyday and enjoy good health until we meet again. If you make it to Boone, NC come see me. My graduate students wil get a kick out of my name tag with my HS picture when I come dancing into class in the morning.

Class of 61 is the Best, Be safe and stay in good health!!!



09/06/11 09:29 AM #22    


Barbara Evans (McBride)

Hi Class of "61",  My husband and I had such a great time at the reunion.  He graduated in "62" so his reunion will be next year and we get to do the reunion thing again.  He knew a lot of people from my class so we both enjoyed ourselves.  We want to thank all the  people who were involved in the planning and worked so hard.  The CD's were wonderful and we have not stopped playing them since we left the reunion.  What a great favor!!!!  To Jim Deni who lives in Boone NC and we discovered he works at App. State with our son---what a small world.  To Sam, one of my first loves, it was so good to see you.  We are looking forward to our next reunion and hope everyone stays well until then. Barb McBride

09/06/11 06:08 PM #23    


Janet Renschigai (Laus)

What a great weekend! Unfortunately, I didn't get to see everyone even with a 2 day event! Kudos to the committee and especially to Mort and Judith for hosting the party on Saturday at their home.......even though we didn't get to bed until 4:00 AM that night! To those classmates who couldn't make it.......hope to see you at the next one.

09/07/11 08:53 PM #24    


Terry Smith

Many thanks to the committee for a great reunion, and a SPECIAL thanks to Mort for hanging in there on our "project". Mort, save the masters for the Cd labels !! I have been in touch with "our source " for music & he would like to add more volumes for the next reunion !! Maybe a request list from the graduates ?

      Reta & I were honored to share a table with Jim Mewhirter & Ed Hoover, but  my favorite memory  always will be providing music for the house party &  seeing Si Green, David Russell, Mort, & Pete Boyles dancing on Mort's porch !! Despite the rain from "Lee" I made it to the "gigs"' at U of Tenn. & back home in Ft. Laud.

       The "Everglades" are calling so I'm going to contact  "Moelber",  head to the fish camp, have a few "cold ones"  &  fill him in on the great time we all had.

         Love Y'all,

                                           GONE FISHIN'


09/10/11 09:54 PM #25    


Donald Stoner


Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the committee members and their spouses; Roseanne Murgie, Melanie Amoroso, Elissa Schlinker, Margie Pecora, Karen Timmis, and especially Mort Stanfield! The party and dance Friday night were fantastic. We enjoyed sharing a table with Paul & Judy Schofield, Dale Blewett, Chuck Mink, Jim & Phyllis Will. My only regret is there was just too little time to talk to everyone. It was a special treat to see Carole Cohen. She was one of my favorite teachers.
Thank you to Pete Boyle and Charlie Apple for the enertainment. In addition to Pete, I was surprised how many of my classmates from William McKinley were there. Thank you Terry Smith for the favors. I have downloaded the music to my car and office. After making two copies, I can appreciate how much time it took to make a set for every member of our class!
The tour of the school and lunch at the Olive Garden were fun Saturday. I’m glad we got to see the school before it is torn down. It brought back many memories long forgotten.
Mort Stanfield, Janet Renschigai, Diane Valerio, and spouses deserve a special thank you for the great party Saturday night. Mort, you are lucky man to have married Judith. I can't believe she let you invite our whole class to your house! It was especially nice to meet your son and daughter. You have a beautiful family. Your house and hospitality were exceptional.
Please don't wait five years for the next reunion. I notice we have already lost a classmate since the reunion. Who knows if we will be here in five years? I will be happy to help with the next one.
Don Stoner

09/11/11 07:48 PM #26    


Jim Deni

Man, do I ever look spaced out in those pictures Mort posted from the reunion. A big thank you for whoever on the commitee produced the music CD, they are awesome. I listen to them this week driving to a professional meeting and remembered dancing to every song.




09/16/11 02:11 AM #27    

James Kenny


The reunion was fabulous and I thank you and the Reunion Committee for all of your hard work.  You asked for thoughts on when the next reunion should be held.  My vote is for 60 years.  To me it just seems like the next logical milestone

Jim Kenny 

09/16/11 07:55 AM #28    


Delores Palmer (Anistead)

To Mort and The Reunion Committee:

All of you did an outstanding job on our 50th reunion. Your hard work and efforts truly paid off. It would be great to do it again in 5 years. I enjoyed the tour of the old school as well as lunch at the Olive Garden. The house party was awesome.

Delores Palmer Anistead

09/20/11 06:55 AM #29    


Sam Miglioretti

Iwould like to thank everyone who was on the committe for the wonderful job they did for our reunion and a special thanks to Mort for creating this website.Such a wonderful affair. The highlight of the whole evening was seeing my first love (you know who you are) and on saturday walking down the halls of the school with her as we did 50 years ago brought back many special memories. Good luck and good health to everyone. HEY TERRY, I AM COMMING DOWN FISHING THIS WINTER. STOCK UP ON BEER!!! CHUCK WANTS TO GO TOO.

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