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Welcome to the Penn Hills High School Message Forum.

The message forum is an ongoing dialogue among classmates. Feel free to post a message to all classmates, questions, comments, requests, suggestions, responses, etc.

The Message Forums works when people participate - so don't hestitate to post and don't be bashful! Click the "Post Response" button to add your entry to the forum.

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04/12/11 06:34 PM #1    


Morton Stanfield

There are 25 individuals "Ninth Grade Pictures" in the Nostalgia section.  Do you know at least 10 of them? If you do, in the "Post Response" please give the names of the numbers 1, 5, and 19. 

06/01/11 09:52 AM #2    

Margaret Pecora (McCafferty)

Hey Mort,

Did I get any of these right?

Joanne Burroughs, Fred Kelly, Mike Manna, Phil Macioce, Denny O'Hara, Don Pett, Bob Raci, Georgette Remezo, Bruce Weeter...


06/07/11 07:26 AM #3    


Morton Stanfield

That is only nine (9).  Do you or anyone else know others?

07/03/11 11:00 PM #4    


Morton Stanfield

To Classmates:  The following message is from Ernie Johnston. He wanted me to pass this message to all of you.

Pictures I have more on my walls than the great art studios of the world. Pictures that I can put on the computer. Now that is the problem. I am not a computer master. I do well to use word perfect and email. I do not take pictures myself so to have a resource to download is a major problem. I appreciate your following up with me. As I said in my response to questions about me. I was a lonely kid in the background a Penn. I often think of those years and think how out of the main stream that I was during my time at school. I enjoy the web page and learning about the classmates that I attended with. But sad to say I do not recognize them. I am proud to have been part of the class. Proud that they all went on to such various jobs and live so many different places. If at some point at the reunion you have a moment. Remind the class to teach their grandcgildren to be accepting of all people they meet in life. And look for the kid that is in the background looking for acceptance and not finding it. Not a bitter comment, just a comment on life. I am a proud member of the class of 1961. Proud of the accomplishments of those who have put information on the site. Best wishes for another 50 years. At 70 I don't think I will be around for the reunion.
Again thank you for reaching out. Thank you for all your hard work on the reunion site. Ernest (Ernie) Johnston

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